In the ever-unpredictable world of college football, injuries can often be the unforeseen adversary that teams least want to confront. As the new season unfolds, both Baylor and Utah find themselves grappling with such challenges. With both teams potentially missing their starting quarterbacks, the upcoming clash promises to be as much about resilience and adaptability as it is about on-field prowess. Here’s a snapshot of the current situation:

  • Baylor’s Rough Start:
    • The Baylor Bears had a difficult opening weekend, falling 42-31 to Texas State.
    • Baylor will be without their starting quarterback, Blake Shapen, for 2-3 weeks due to an MCL injury he got at the start of the 2023 season.
    • To add to their quarterback woes, backup QB Sawyer Robertson is now the center of focus for the Utes’ defense.
  • Utah’s Quarterback Situation:
    • The Utes might also miss their starting quarterback, Cam Rising, who’s recovering from an ACL tear from the Rose Bowl earlier this year.
    • Rising didn’t play in Utah’s opening game against Florida, and his status for this week is uncertain.
  • Kyle Whittingham Weighs In:
    • Utah’s coach, Kyle Whittingham, addressed the Baylor situation during a Monday press conference.
    • Whittingham acknowledges that Baylor underperformed but anticipates a stronger performance in their upcoming match.
    • He stressed the need for Utah to play their best football to secure a win.
    • Whittingham recognizes the potential of Baylor’s backup QB, Sawyer Robertson, despite his intermittent struggles. He emphasizes the need for Utah’s defense to remain solid.
  • Injury Updates:
    • Apart from their quarterback, Baylor has more injuries to deal with:
      • Starting safety Devin Lemear will be absent due to a dislocated elbow.
      • Outside linebacker Garmon Randolph will likely miss the game against the Utes due to a high ankle sprain.

With both teams looking to solidify their season’s momentum, the upcoming match isn’t just another game on the calendar – it’s a true test of depth and determination.