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Calm down everyone, yes Tommy is old and he probably wants to leave the Pats so he can do what all top billing players do. Move to the city of Angels and become what they were always meant to be, Executive Producers.

It’s no surprise that Tommy-B and Gizzy decided to leave Boston, wouldn’t you? He knows his personal faculties are decending into the sunset. Once that happens Boston fans turn on you. “The Purge”was actually a documentary film based on Boston fans having one night of free reign to do whatever they want to athletes that failed them, true story look it up.

Before all Boston fans get into their caw’s and grab their bats to show ol’ Tom the meaning of “Boston tea party” just remember he never really loved you. He loved your money, and the fact that he could literally get away with murder playing for the Pats. At least in L.A. he can make movies about getting away with murders and call it fiction.

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