Moto Shibata first ever Alley Oop Kickflip McTwist


Ladies and gentlemen hold onto your seats because we have just witnessed a mind-blowing moment in the world of skateboarding! In an incredible display of skill and athleticism, the skateboarder before us has pulled off what can only be described as the first-ever alley-oop kickflip mctwist! It’s a trick that has left us all in awe and disbelief. The crowd is buzzing with excitement as memories of Otto Rocket’s similar feat from the early 2000s, known as the “Super McVarial 5000,” flood back. Some may argue about its originality, with mentions of Eric Rivers executing a similar maneuver 15 years ago or its appearance in the movie “Grind.” But right now, let’s focus on the sheer brilliance of this moment. With perfect execution and an inverted style, this skateboarder has taken skateboarding to new heights. It’s as if we’re witnessing something straight out of a video game! The level of difficulty involved in this trick is beyond words, and it has left even the most experienced skaters scratching their heads. Comparisons are drawn to legendary moments like Tony Hawk’s 900 and Burnquist’s flawless run, showcasing just how remarkable this alley-oop kickflip mctwist truly is. We are witnessing history in the making, and this skateboarder deserves all the accolades for this jaw-dropping performance. Bravo!